Benefits of a Secure Online Data Repository

Secure Online Data Repository (SODR) is a huge database that collects, manages and preserves data sets to use to analyze and report. It uses metadata standard schemas, standard schemas, and structured methods of organization to make it easy to find data. It can also store information from multiple sources in one location to facilitate integration.

A centralized system allows for uniform management practices and adherence to the requirements of regulatory agencies. For instance it can be used to regulate the length of time data must be stored or how they should be and safely disposed. Data repositories generally have strong access control mechanisms, which include specific permissions that restrict authorized users to specific segments of data, which makes it more difficult for hackers to take advantage of individual data points. They also may have tools to monitor the patterns of access to data. This makes it easier to spot suspicious activities.

Improved data quality: Many repositories provide features for cleansing data and quality assurance, which increases the reliability of business intelligence and analytics efforts. However, this approach can sometimes result in redundancy which increases the cost of storage and may cause difficulties in the process of data migration.

Security Data repositories are a prime targets for cyberattacks and this makes the implementation of robust security measures vital. In addition to strict access controls, they typically have regular backups to protect against malicious attacks that could destroy or damage a repository’s database.

A well-designed data repository will aid your company’s goals for business analytics and intelligence, while protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access and assisting you meet the requirements of regulations like GDPR. Lepide Data Security Platform, for example, enables you to scan your repository for sensitive information, and then automatically classifies it according to the type it’s found to allow you to easily set access control policies.

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